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Asked Questions

How does Mascap Group help manage risk for their clients?

Mascap Group uses a structured approach to risk management to lessen the risk for its investors. This can entail diversifying investments across industries and asset classes, keeping an eye on investments for changes in market circumstances, and keeping a long-term investment view to help withstand short-term market swings.

How does investing in land and property fit into Mascap Group's overall investment strategy?

A variety of advantages can come from investing in land and property, such as the chance for long-term capital growth, rental income, and diversification. As part of a diverse investment strategy, Mascap Group may invest in a range of real estate assets, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

What is Crypto & Web3 and how does Mascap Group invest in this area?

Crypto & Web3 is a term used to describe blockchain-based technologies and applications that have the power to completely change a number of industries. Mascap Group invests in blockchain firms, cryptocurrencies, and other opportunities in this developing industry.

How does Mascap Group approach investing in the healthcare and medicine industry?

Mascap Group invests in businesses and assets in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors that are positioned for expansion and have the potential to provide a profitable return for our investors. This might entail funding ventures in the pharmaceuticals, medical tech, and other sectors of the market.

What is currency trading and how does it fit into Mascap Group's investment strategy?

Currency trading entails purchasing and selling different currencies on the foreign exchange market in an effort to profit. As part of a diversified strategy, Mascap Group regularly trades currencies to profit from changes in the world's currency markets.

Does Mascap Group consider options for socially responsible or sustainable investing?

Indeed, Mascap Group understands the value of sustainable and socially conscious investing and takes these principles into account while looking for investment possibilities. Investments in businesses that place a high priority on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, as well as those in renewable energy and other sustainable industries, may be included in these opportunities.

What are Mascap Group's management fees for their investment services?

Mascap Group's management fees are structured in two ways. For investments between $5,000 and $499,999, clients can choose how long to commit their investments to Mascap Group for a specified duration, ranging from one to five years. When doing so, clients can benefit from reduced management fees, with percentages ranging from 30% down to 15% depending on the duration of the commitment.

What are the benefits of compounding realised profits with Mascap Group?

Compounding realised profits enables investors to reinvest their gains back into their Mascap Group investment, possibly resulting in larger returns over time and the possibility of exponential growth. Reinvesting earnings also has the potential to lower tax obligations and boost investment returns.

What's the minimum entry level to the Mascap Fund?

Mascap Group works to keep minimum investment amounts as low as possible in order to make private investment options available to a wider variety of retail investors. Our current minimal investment is $5,000.

Do you provide financial advice?

Financial advice is not provided by Mascap Group. It's a digital wealth management service that offers discretionary portfolio management, meaning we handle all of the investment choices on your behalf.

How does Mascap Group evaluate investment opportunities?

Mascap Group's skilled team of investment specialists performs rigorous due diligence on potential investments, which includes examining the company's finances, management team, market opportunity, and other important variables.

How does Mascap Group determine which industries to invest in?

Mascap Group conducts in-depth research and analysis to pinpoint markets that provide our clients with promising investment opportunities. This may involve analysing market trends, gauging risk and potential reward, and taking into account elements like the regulatory framework and the competitive landscape.

Who is Mascap Groups investment management service for?

The investment management service offered by Mascap Group is intended for retail investors who are searching for an expert team to handle their investments in a variety of sectors, such as currency trading, healthcare and medicine, cryptocurrency and web3, along with real estate and land.